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    Retirement Planning Fundamentals

    • 242597 - Apply technical knowledge and skill to advise business entities on insurance and group retirement benefits

    • Assignment 242597 - Apply technical knowledge and skill to advise business entities on insurance and group retirement benefits

    • 242613 - Apply technical knowledge and skill to advise an individual on planning for retirement

    • Assignment 242613 - Apply technical knowledge and skill to advise an individual on planning for retirement

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    FreeRisk Fundamentals (R 5175.00)

    Managing risk for your clients with this online finance course! Learn the basics of risk management for finance professionals, including how to create a risk management plan, assess threats, monitor all kinds of risks, and implement risk controls. This course will teach you the principles of risk management and help you identify what needs to be done in order to reduce risks. One thing is certain - you can't afford not to take this course; do you want to learn how to avoid financial catastrophes? Enroll now in this risk management course for finance professionals before it's too late!
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    Join the Online course for financial planners that teaches you to help your clients plan and manage retirement. Understanding retirement is not only important but it is also a necessity for financial planners. Retirement Management basics is a comprehensive and interactive online course designed to help you understand the retirement landscape and to provide strategies for managing client retirement assets. Learn how to simplify and empower your client's retirement planning with Retirement Management Basics- your best resource for making confident decisions in this ever-changing environment. This short course has twenty eight (10) credits towards the 120 Wealth Management NQF5 Qualification. You will receive a statement of credits and certificate once all unit standards are completed and verified. Price: R 2250.00 Duration: 2 Months
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    FreeTax Fundamentals (R 2 700)

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